Mike has been attending my clinics for the last 3 years. I have seen a big improvement in the horses he rides and he shows a dedication in applying his learning. He is a talented rider who shows great respect for the horse and I can see a great future for him.

Kind regards, Rodrigo

Rodrigo da Costa Matos, rider with Royal Portuguese School of Equestrian Art

Wanting to get my young horse back into work after a long winter break off, I thought I'd start initially with some constructive groundwork and got in touch with Tori who, via the local Devon horsey grapevine, came highly recommended. Not having had a groundwork lesson before I was not sure what to expect..... both myself and Alf really enjoyed it. Tori is a professional, natural & easy to understand instructor. I found her teaching methods easy to follow, informative ... and best of all positive and fun - which, for me, is what it's all about. Alf worked really well, we'll be continuing with Tori for a few more groundwork sessions with a view to progressing to work under saddle.

Karen Harrison, Proprietor - Laployd Barton Livery Yard, Devon

All my stallions are great personalities and used for my Clinics and demonstrations. Mike rode each horse with a depth of understanding for their individuality and also good knowledge of the exercises to assist them in their training. He demonstrated the Classical principles of horsemanship- with patience, building trust and gaining harmony. Thanks Mike - I would totally recommend you as both an empathic trainer and rider


Jenny Rolfe- International Classical trainer and author of "Ride from the Heart."

Thank you so much for our lesson today Tori. I really enjoyed it and feel really positive about practicing Ė itís so nice to have something to work on and to know that I'm not doing too badly. Itís great to find someone who explains things carefully and logically, and who doesn't want you to keep pulling at your horse's mouth all the time.

So thank you. I'm looking forward to our next lesson

Gwen Bailey, Glos

I have known Tori and Mike for just over a year now. When I met them I wanted Marble, my 14.2hh Welsh Cob x Appaloosa (now 13) to go better and for him to use himself in a more productive way. I also wanted help to start the schooling education for Bear, my 12.2hh Dartmoor (now 6).
Since I have been using Tori and Mike, I have seen a huge difference in my boys. Marble is now freer throughout his back and braces less. Once he has learnt what is being asked of him, he learns quickly and understands well. Bear has learnt so much in the last year and is progressing quickly. He has learnt to carry himself properly under saddle in all three gaits and is also progressing well in all lateral work asked of him. This summer he has been successfully shown under saddle and even par-taken in a couple of dressage tests as a result if this schooling.
Both my boys have been to stay at Tori and Mikeís yard for further schooling, it is a relaxed atmosphere where they settled quickly. Whilst there, Bear learnt to canter properly under saddle, which he now does in the school and out hacking. I felt very relaxed having them there, as I received regular updates on their progress. I felt their time away was great for their education and would happily send them there again.
Tori and Mike are very flexible in their teaching and are willing to explain things differently to help the horse to understand what is being asked of them.
With the progress being made with Tori and Mikeís help so far, I will be using them happily for some time to come and I would recommend to anyone.

Jenn Whitehorn, Kingsteignton, Devon

Tori has taught me so much in the last four months since I started lessons with her. My riding has improved enormously and for the first time in four years I feel like I am actually riding my horse. Equally my sensitive and spooky horse is learning to listen to her rider because her rider is listening to her! Thank you so much Tori.

Caroline Thomson, Staverton

Just had a short session in the school riding Charlie I CANNOT believe how the simple things you have taught me over the last few weeks is improving our riding Tori and the way Charlie and I work together. No way perfect yet but Watch this Space!

Anna Mason, Frocester

Iíve had a lot of instructors over the years, but lessons with Tori are like a breath of fresh air! She has an enthusiastic and empathic teaching manner which makes learning straightforward and engaging for both me and my horse. I no longer feel like a nervous rider with my confidence improving beyond belief. I feel in safe hands with Tori.

Yvonne Andrews, Glos.

Thank you Tori and Mike for taking Harry Patch for breaking I have recommended you to many friends with youngsters and those after lessons. Harry left me as a totally green 3Ĺ year old gelding, in fact a bit of a teenage terror and returned a grown up young man with manners. It was great to be able to pop over a few times while he was with you and see the difference in him, he went from being gangly, lolloping and loose to gathered and holding himself properly in a matter of a weeks, the difference was quite incredible and totally due to all the hard work you did with him. I must admit I was scared when I first rode him but with your encouragement I soon got back into being sat on a horse Ė a first for me in over 3 years. I have as you advised turned him away over the winter and am looking forward to him returning to you in the spring for a reminder course and then Harry and I are off to France to ride the Randonees, green lanes and Canal paths as is my dream. Thanks again.

Debbie Wills, Trusham, Devon

After owning a previous horse who was a bit of a demon under saddle very likely due to a poor start in his training when he was young, I was adamant that I wanted my lovely mare started properly with no corners cut!
After having regular lessons on my other young mare with Tori, there was no doubt who I wanted to work with my youngster. I sent her to Mike and Tori at Classical Dressage and within no time at all it was apparent Molly was very one sided. After a visit from the physiotherapist it was sensible to carry on with work on the ground to help straighten Molly before her formal training under saddle was to start. I had full support whenever needed whilst I worked her through the summer months, and when Molly was straight in hand and ready to progress under saddle she returned to continue her education with Mike and Tori.
Well, within days Molly was working calmly and relaxed under saddle and I am sure that this is due to the relaxed calm nature of her trainers. I visited to watch her work and couldn't believe I was trotting around an open field on my second ridden session as Molly was encouraged to work in a variety of situations and not just in an arena.
I had fabulous feedback throughout Molly's training and I will now continue our education with Tori with the benefit that she knows my mare inside out already and so looking forward to an exciting future. There is also no doubt that my horses will have regular schooling holidays with Aylmore Classic Dressage to continue their 'dressage' education. Thank you.

Helen Norville, May Hill, Gloucestershire

Tori I cannot begin to express how chuffed I was today. It was a hard decision to look for a teacher and you are ace! I have come away far more positive and lots to think about. You reminded me today why I took this journey away from BHS to 'classical' in the first place. You are right Leo is lovely and I need to be consistent to bring out the best in him. Thank you.

Carrie Buchanan, Weston Super Mare